What is your Prop 15 story? Speaking from a place of story is incredibly powerful. How have you or others you care about been impacted by quality or poor education?


  • Maybe your life was transformed by a great teacher who saw your potential and you believe every student should have access to great teachers! 

  • Maybe you saw the decimation of California’s public schools over the last 40 years and believe investing in our kids, schools and communities is what makes us the greatest state in the union? 

  • Maybe you have watched in horror as California went from have a top ten public school system to a bottom five nationally, funding at per pupil rates close to Mississippi and about half as much as New York. 


Maybe you recall when libraries were always open, when parks were well maintained, when there were afterschool programs, summer job initiatives, and essential community services like mental health, homelesssness prevention and first responders were well funded.

Your story is as powerful as the facts!

  1. Know the facts, but lead with why this matters to you. Share a story about yourself or someone you care about. 

  2. Be personal, but be brief.

  3. Don’t explain everything - it is too much - choose one fact that really matters to you 

  4. Be prepared to answer questions

  5. Do not be drawn into a fight. Your job is to be civil, kind, curious and educate others.

  6. Folks will vote as they feel called, we just want them to know the facts. 

  7. Your modeling why this matters to you will help them to see why it matters to them.