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Yes on 15


Yeson15 is committed to the fight of reclaiming billions a year for CA’s schools & community services by closing corporate tax loopholes. Lets put our Schools & Communities First! Visit Yes on 15


Pico Califonia


PICO California is the largest multi-racial faith-based community-organizing network in the state connecting and leveraging the power of the people to impact broad systemic change. Motivated by various prophetic traditions, we ground our civic action and demands for change in moral and ethical principles. We use a relationship-based organizing model to develop leadership and build capacity for civic engagement in communities throughout California. 


Please join us in supporting Prop 15. On the website you can find more information about Prop 15 and donate to the campaign. Visit Pico Califonia

LA Voice


LA Voice is a multi-racial, multi-faith community organization that awakens people to their own power, training them to speak, act, and work together to transform our County into one that reflects the dignity of all people.

We believe all people have power and a voice. Every day we amplify that power by uniting diverse faith voices to stand-up for what their communities need, winning changes that improve the lives of all Angelenos. Visit LA Voice

Evolve California

Evolve CA is a non-partisan 501c(4) nonprofit founded in 2011. Evolve believes that the most effective way to counter the corrupting power of money in politics is a long-term committment to ground-up, grassroots organizing. We focus on issues that bring together middle class swing voters and the left-of-center. Evolve believes in the power of one person talking to another. Their ground-up approach focuses on local organizing as the foundation of a larger grassroots network. By organizing the hundreds of local communities that make up California, Evolve has built a grassroots network that includes thousands of elected officials, community leaders, and activists in every part of the state. Visit Evolve California

Oakland Schools and Communities First (SCF)

Oakland SCF is a group of passionate parents and community members committed to organizing support for Prop 15, which closes wealthy corporate property tax loopholes reclaiming funding for our schools and communities. Visit Oakland SCF